January updates

At Home Alone workshop – January 22 from 7-9 PM

By popular demand we have arranged for a second At Home Alone workshop to be held at the school next Wednesday, January 22nd from 7-9 PM.  The At Home Alone workshop is facilitated by Toronto Public Health and is aimed at kids aged 10-14 (grade 4-8), along with their parents/guardians.  The goal is to prepare kids to be at home alone safely.  Attendance is limited so don’t delay and sign up using this link if you want to attend with your grade 4-8 child!  Those who were on the waitlist last time will have priority this time.

Possible One Day Strike next Tuesday

As noted in communications from the Board last week, the Ontario Catholic teacher’s union is currently carrying out a work to rule campaign and will be holding a one day strike next Tuesday, January 21, if no contract deal is reached with the province before then.  Look out for upcoming information from the Board on whether school will be in session next Tuesday.  Our ECEs are also currently on work to rule and also may be on a one day strike on Monday, January 20, but school will still be in session that day.

Pizza Update

Please stay tuned for info on whether we have to move pizza day next week due to the possible one day strike on Tuesday.

Also, our current pizza session is slated to end on February 4 but since we needed to cancel pizza on October 8th the session will be extended to Feb 11.  We will open a new ordering window on or before January 28th, at which time the current ordering window will be closed.  Please keep this in mind if you usually order pizza week to week.


Volunteers are needed to help plan our annual Fun Fair if it is going to happen this year.  Please help!  If you can help, if you wanted more information or if you have thoughts about whether we should scale back to a lower key end of year barbecue, please respond to this email, go to our website, or come to the parent council meeting on Thursday.  

CSPC meeting tonight

The next parent council meeting will be held this evening from 7-9 PM in the library.  All are welcome and babysitting will be provided for those who need.  

TCDSB Election of Chair/Vice-Chair and Committee Meetings

On Thursday November 28, 2019 at 7 pm, the TCDSB will be holding a caucus meeting at which they will be electing the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board for the upcoming year, and electing or nominating many committee positions for the upcoming year.  Click here to view the meeting agenda.

If you would like to provide our Trustee for Ward 11, Angela Kennedy, with any comments in advance of the meeting and the planned votes, you can email her or call  416-512-3411.

Mr. Moulds Memorial Skate Day – WE NEED YOU!

For the last couple of years, the whole school has participated in a skating day at East York Arena. This is a fun opportunity for community building and exercise in memory of Mr. Moulds, a beloved St. Brigid’s teacher and hockey coach who worked to give all kids at our school a chance to experience the joy of skating. 

Classes will be assigned different timeslots (coming soon), and the school asks for lots of parent volunteers on the day of to help tie skates, walk older classes to and from the rink, do setup/run/cleanup of the skate library for those who need skates, help supervise kids on the rink, and help with making and serving hot chocolate. 

We also have a number of tasks that need to be done ahead of time, including organizing/checking skate condition, picking up extra skates and helmets from our school skating partner (Gledhill),  and making a fun skating playlist. 

Please mark your calendars for TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2019, and let us know through our Contact Us page if you can help on or before that date.  Let’s make this the best skate day yet!

**If you have any skates or helmets to donate to the St. Brigid lending library, please send them to the office.  We especially need helmets that are larger than XS. Thanks!**

Board Meeting Update

On November 7 at a meeting of the Student Achievement committee at the TCDSB, trustees voted to update the TCDSB’s code of conduct.  The updated wording can be found here and the meeting video can be found here.  The agenda for the meeting also contained an annual/spending report on the International Languages program (page 102), the Board’s Learning Improvement Plan to 2021 (page 75), a report on Board-wide EQAO results (starting on page 103), and a report on the Board’s strategy for recruiting French teachers. 

These items are of interest to our community and have been moved to the next Board meeting, which will take place on  November 21. If you can’t attend in person, you can also attend via Live Broadcast.

Dress Down Day TOMORROW (Friday, October 25th), and FORMS

Hi St. Brigid Families!

Our Halloween Fundraiser is well underway and we wanted to give you a few updates on milestones, and a request:

1.  DRESS DOWN DAY TOMORROW (Friday, October 25th)!!  Students can wear what they want to, within TCDSB guidelines.  Favorite colour(s) encouraged!

2.  Donation Forms received by TOMORROW will be counted towards % participation in the fundraiser for each class.  The class(es) with the highest % participation will get to choose Ms. Blanchet and Ms. Sobol’s Halloween costumes!!  The choices are: Elsa and Olaf; Dorothy and Toto; Thing 1 and Thing 2; and Mario and Luigi.  The kids are excited to find out who wins tomorrow – don’t forget to send yours in! 

3.  IF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE AN ONLINE DONATION but didn’t send in an orange paper form to let us know, please do so!  Or, send in a note or email us if you no longer have the form.  There is a bit of a delay between making an online donation and it being registered on our list of donors, and we want to make sure we get the numbers right for the class participation reward TOMORROW. Thanks for your help!! 4.  To ensure we include all donors up to October 22 in the Early Bird draws, we will do those in a few days.  

Thanks again for your generosity!  Keep the donations coming!  

CSPC Fundraising Team