Create An Account

The following steps will guide you on how to create a MunchaLunch account.

Log onto; and

1)  Register your family, click on “Register Here.” You must use the St. Brigid –specific link (as above) in order to register and link to the correct school.






2) Click on “Register Here”, and follow the directions.

3) To register your child(ren), click on “My Family” (1) and “Children.” Select the appropriate teacher & class from the drop down menus. Ensure that this is correct, or else your child’s lunch may not arrive to the correct class!

4) To order, click on “Order Lunch!”
a. Select the child you are ordering for, and review the info in the next screen.
b. Select the type of pizza, and click on the green arrow (middle of screen) to add to the Order side.
c. Click on “Next Menu” to order pizza for the following week.
d. If finished, click on “(If finished ) click here to go to Last Menu”
e. On the Last Menu screen, click on “Finished”
f. As order confirmation screen will come up, if order is correct, click on “Next”
g. You will have one last opportunity to remove any lunches (if you’ve forgotten about any fieldtrips, etc)
h. Click on “Submit my Order”