International Languages – Background

A summary of the present format of the International Languages (IL) program can be found HERE

Previous CSPC meetings where IL program was discussed:

Previous TCDSB Board meetings:

  • May 2017: Video (Minute 55:47; Initial CSPC delegation to Board requesting parent consultation in IL program decision)
  • June 2017: VideoReport (Decision by Board to keep status quo for 2017-18 school year)
  • June 14 2018: Video (Several parent delegations and CSPC discussing IL program and change to start time, begins ~56:00)
  • June 26 2018 (Special Board Meeting): Video (Several parent delegations and CSPC from St. Brigid discussing the IL program, begins ~14:00)
  • July 2018 (Special Board Meeting): Video
  • August 2018 (Special Board Meeting): Video

Other communication:

(Answers from Dan Koenig, Associate Director of Academic Services)