Updated instructions

The following instructions will guide you through updating your child(ren)’s teacher and grade info in the MunchaLunch system.

Method 1:

  1. In the order screen, you may see the following:

6 method 2 in order screen

2. Update the fields as requested (Grade, Division), then submit.
3. You will see the following:

7 positive fdbk

OR Method 2:

1. Log into your account and update your child(ren)’s grade and teacher.

1 Login to update my family my children

2. Click on “Edit” to update your child(ren)’s grade & teacher

2 click on edit

3. Use the drop down in the “Grade” and “Division/Class” fields to update

3 update drop down fields

4. Click on “Save”

4 click on save

5. The data should update on the main “family” screen

5 data updated