CSPC structure

CSPC Position Details



(we recommend co-chairs)

 – Call Council meetings- Prepare the agenda for council meetings in consultation with the principal;

– Participate in information and training sessions;

– Communicate regularly with the school principal in an effort to work cooperatively to improve pupil achievement;

–  Ensure that there is regular communication with the Catholic school community;

– Consult with senior board staff and trustees, as required.

VICE-CHAIR (optional role, may be replaced with Co-Chairs)  – Participate in Council meetings;- Assist or fill-in for the Chair, if necessary;

– Act as a link between the Council and the community in support of school programs to improve pupil achievement.

 SECRETARY  – Ensure that the minutes of Council meetings are recorded and maintained;- Prepare the minutes for review at the next meeting;

– Upon request, provide the local trustee with copies of the minutes of the meetings;

– Forward the approved minutes to the Communications and Website reps for publication to the community.

 TREASURER  – Maintain account of all CSPC funds;

– Deposit raised funds in bank;

–  Issue cheques for invoices;

– Prepare balance sheets.

COMMUNICATIONS REP  – Maintaining electronic parent contact lists; adding and delisting as requested

– Sending notifications and information to parents via email (eNews);

– Co-ordinate with the Website Administrator

WEB & SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR   – Updating the website according to the Duties and Guidelines outlined and approved by the council;

– Managing CSPC Twitter account

– Coordinates posting/disbursement of information with the Communications Rep

SPECIAL EVENTS REP  – Co-ordinate special events such as speakers, teacher luncheon;

– Liaise with the community regarding school and community events;

– Assist the council with fundraising.

 SPECIAL ED REP The Special Education Rep is someone from our council that is available for support to parents who have children with learning differences. This representative:

– Directs parents to help them find the information they need.

– This position is occasionally called to attend meetings at the Board related to Special Education

 OAPCE REP The Ontario Association of Parents in Catholic Education (OAPCE) Rep is a representative from our council that meets once a month with representatives from other councils in our area. This rep is a liaison between our council and the school board, and keeps us informed of issues and information from the board office and other schools.
 CHURCH LIAISON This rep is a liaison between our council and St. Brigid Catholic Church and keeps us informed of events, issues, and information from our Parish.