What or Who is CSPC?

CSPC is an acronym for Catholic School Parents Council, the current term for what used to be known as the CSAC (Catholic School Advisory Council), P.T.A or Parent Teacher Association.
School councils like our CSPC are required under Ontario’s Education Act. Their purpose is to improve student achievement and enhance accountability of the education system to parents (O. Reg. 612, s. 2(1)). Members of our CSPC are parents/guardians of students at St. Brigid’s, and they are elected yearly in the first month of each school year.
Note, you may still see “CSAC” still used in some places, notably our stbrigidcsac@gmail.com email address which we cannot update due to legacy data issues. 
What does CSPC do?
CSPC is a volunteer group of St. Brigid parents.  The goal of the CSPC is ultimately to support student success at our school. Typically, our CSPC has done this by:
  • Holding regular meetings. CSPC meetings are held usually once a month other than December and March. Updates are given by our principal, vice principal, staff representatives and various members of the CSPC. Requests/recommendations are made and CSPC members vote on any motions put forth. All parents/guardians are invited to attend, and anyone may request time to speak on a school-related item.
  • Sending out updates, requests and occasional surveys to parents. To date we have done this mainly by email, either through our distribution list or via our principal. Our website (here!) also contains information.
  • Making recommendations/requests to our principal and to the Board, on matters that
    concern parents. Most recently our CSPC has been in contact with our principal, trustee and other Board staff regarding a safe return for all student to St. Brigid’s this in the fall of 2020.
  • Holding community events, and supporting school-wide initiatives. We do this to help
    families learn together, connect better to our school and to meet other families within
    the school. Engaging families has also been shown to improve student achievement.
  • Fundraising to support enhanced learning experiences and purchase some types of
    equipment for students to use at our school. All funds raised by the CSPC are reported
    on by our treasurer at each CSPC meeting.
  • Various smaller initiatives are also aided or carried out by CSPC members, as well as
    other parents at the school. 

Who can be on St Brigid’s CSPC?
Any parent/guardian of a child currently attending St. Brigid’s is welcome to run for a volunteer position on the CSPC. Not all roles require the same time commitment, but all CSPC members are expected to attend most if not all CSPC meetings, so we can have quorum for voting. 
To get in touch with CSPC, email stbrigidcsac@gmail.com
2022-2023 CSPC

Meetings will be IN-PERSON, with a Zoom option, until further notice.




Co – Chairs

Katie Young & Cheryl Devine


David Cramer


Joel O’Keefe


Alana Karelson



Special Ed Rep

Maria Puglisi

Special Events Reps

Kristen Hawkeswood & Bekki Draper

Church Liaison

Leila Stamatakis

Members at Large

David Forsayeth

Teacher Rep


Staff Rep



Richard Walo
Vice Principal

Lorraine van Zon

Web Admin

Laura Darraga