1 log in to st brigid linkThank you for supporting our St. Brigid by ordering Pizza Lunch for your child or children.

The link sent in the the email notification should bring you to this page:

If not, you can click the link here:

Once you reach this page, you can decide to register as a new user or login. This only takes a moment and then you will be ready to order.

Now let’s order some PIZZA!

  1. To order, select the Order Now tab in the top navigation bar. This will give you a new screen to select or add your child for ordering
  2. Select the child you are ordering for and select “Next”.
  3. You will now see the “Menu’s Available”, there is only one. Scroll down and click the “Next” button.

2 Confirm ordering menu

4. Now you are at the ordering screen.

3 ordering screen

5. Select the TYPE OF PIZZA you would like to order, then click “Add” (middle green arrow). The pizza type will move to the right hand window under “(Child’s Name) Order”. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to the dates a bit further in the process.)

4 add to order

6. Does your child want MORE THAN 1 SLICE? You can change the number of slices in the right menu under “Qty”.

5 update qty

7. Once complete, click FINISHED. This takes you to the Confirmation screen. If your order is correct click “Next”. (Don’t worry the dates part is next!)

6 confirm menu orders

8. You are now at the page were you can remove dates from your order. This screen will show you all the dates in this ordering period that you have ordered for lunch.  If you want to REMOVE any DATES, this is the screen to do it!

7 dates ordered      8 Remove dates

9. Click the dates you want to remove and they will highlight in green. Then click “Remove Checkmarked Dates”. The screen will refresh and show you the dates that are remaining that you ordered for. Once you are happy with your dates, then click on NEXT.

9 confirmed remove dates    10 Next screen

***Please remember to note your dates. Some children (and parents) get confused when their orders are on inconsistent dates.

10. Scroll through the verification screen. If everything is OK, click on “Submit my Order”

11 Scroll and submit order

11. You can submit another order for another child. By clicking on “Create Another Order”, or click “Done”, if finished.

12 Create another order or Done

12. Once you click DONE, you will be directed to a payment page. Follow the payment instructions to pay by credit card. Please note that we are requesting that all ordered are paid online. This greatly decreases errors and volunteer time. Please contact us if you need to make other arrangements.