Online payment consultation

Dear St. Brigid Families,

The TCDSB is considering implementing an online application that would permit parents to make payments electronically through two methods.
Method 1: Parents can securely transfer funds from their bank account directly to an online ‘myWallet’ account. When they wish to make a payment to the school, they simply add an item to their shopping cart and pay for the item from their ‘myWallet’ account.
Method 2: Parents can use a credit card such as VISA or MasterCard
Using this electronic payment application, for large payments such as overnight trips, parents would also be able to pay through installments.

In order to offer this application, the TCDSB would have to charge a 1% administrative fee to help offset the cost of the application. To do this schools would set their charges 1% higher.
For example, an item that costs $9.90 would cost $10.00.
At the time of the purchase, $9.90 would remain in the school account to pay for the item and $0.10 would go directly to the TCDSB central account to help offset the cost of the online application.

In order to gauge interest in such an online application, we are engaging in a consultation process, in the form of a short survey.
The survey is open now and will close on Tuesday 7 March at 12 noon.
To participate in the survey, please click on this link:


David Hogan Anthony Pauk
Principal Vice Principal