Advent Family Mass

Dear St. Brigid Families,
We would like to invite you all to our Advent Family Masses. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this hope-filled season together as a community. As in past years, it has been necessary to have two separate mass dates to accommodate the large numbers attending. Below you will find the schedule of which class will be singing or participating on the two dates. Please note: the same songs will be sung on both evenings. If your child is unable to participate in the selected evening for her/his class, they are invited and encouraged to attend and participate in the other evening with their Grade partners.
Both masses will begin at 7pm in the church.
Tuesday, December 12
Thursday, December 14
Ms. Ross/ Ms. DeSouza
Ms. Benedicto/ Ms. Reid
Ms. Bertone/ Ms. Vecchio
Ms. Boucher/ Ms. Kaizar
Ms. Caruso/Witteveen/Anderson
Ms. Curammeng
Ms. Brisbois
Ms. Zaleski Cox
Ms. Cuthbert
Ms. Donald
Ms. Seymour
Ms. Laluck
Ms. Shoniker
Ms. Wakeham
Ms. Ford
Ms. Aguiar
Ms. McGhee
Ms. Evanson
Ms. Andrenacci
Ms. Smith
Mr. Wigglesworth
Ms. Leone
Ms. Rowland
Ms. Collins Donleavy
Ms. Koehl Dunbar
Ms. Kuszner
Mr. Masucci
We are looking forward to celebrating with you all on Tuesday, December 12th or Thursday, December 14th.
David Hogan                                                                   Cheryliane Gomes
Principal                                                                           Vice Principal