Dress Down Day TOMORROW (Friday, October 25th), and FORMS

Hi St. Brigid Families!

Our Halloween Fundraiser is well underway and we wanted to give you a few updates on milestones, and a request:

1.  DRESS DOWN DAY TOMORROW (Friday, October 25th)!!  Students can wear what they want to, within TCDSB guidelines.  Favorite colour(s) encouraged!

2.  Donation Forms received by TOMORROW will be counted towards % participation in the fundraiser for each class.  The class(es) with the highest % participation will get to choose Ms. Blanchet and Ms. Sobol’s Halloween costumes!!  The choices are: Elsa and Olaf; Dorothy and Toto; Thing 1 and Thing 2; and Mario and Luigi.  The kids are excited to find out who wins tomorrow – don’t forget to send yours in! 

3.  IF YOU HAVE ALREADY MADE AN ONLINE DONATION but didn’t send in an orange paper form to let us know, please do so!  Or, send in a note or email us if you no longer have the form.  There is a bit of a delay between making an online donation and it being registered on our list of donors, and we want to make sure we get the numbers right for the class participation reward TOMORROW. Thanks for your help!! 4.  To ensure we include all donors up to October 22 in the Early Bird draws, we will do those in a few days.  

Thanks again for your generosity!  Keep the donations coming!  

CSPC Fundraising Team